Boundless Jesus Bible Study

In the back of Boundless, I created a ten-week Bible study that is probably unlike any most readers will have experienced. It uses the “storying” method, which was developed for people who are either illiterate or who prefer to learn orally.

If you have decided to do the Boundless Jesus Bible Study with your group, congratulations! I’m excited for you. I think you will find it a rewarding, fun, and illuminating experience.

Boundless Jesus Bible Study Facilitator's Guide

If you have offered to facilitate the group, thank you! Please begin by downloading the Facilitator’s Guide here. You’ll find tips, detailed instructions for each session, and links to resources that can help you. To find the videos and slideshows for each lesson, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

About the Boundless Jesus Bible Study

As I traveled and encountered this storying method in Bangladesh and India, I also read research that showed that young people in Western countries now prefer to learn through audio-visual means as well. I wondered if the methods I was experiencing overseas could work in the Western world as well.

Sure enough, I found out about youth groups that had used storying after every other form of Bible study had failed to grab their students’ attention. They found that through storying, the kids in these youth groups discovered how to learn from each other. They grappled with familiar Bible stories in ways that illuminated the accounts to them as though for the first time.

When I returned from my travels and considered what I had learned, I became convinced of the importance of rediscovering the power of gathering together around the Bible. I especially found myself excited about the potential of focusing on the stories together. I consulted with experts on storying, and with their help I developed the Boundless Jesus Bible Study.

When I’ve tested the Boundless Jesus Bible Study, the response has gone beyond what I expected. Here are a few of the comments from participants:

  • “It was extremely interactive, experiential and inclusive.”
  •  “I really remembered the stories in a new way. It was refreshing to see the same stories I had heard since childhood in a new way. It gave me a different perspective.”
  • “I really enjoyed the discussions. It’s so different than doing a more scripted, official study that involves questions posed by someone with an angle. I like coming at the story to just see what it says and not looking for the ‘devotional thought’ that the leader wants to bring across. It was fun to discover the story together, to hear different perspectives on the story and maybe all come away with slightly different things God wanted to say to us through the story.”
  • “It exposed me to different ways of worship from another culture which helped me think beyond Western ways of doing church.”
  • “I love it! It breathes life into stories that have long been too preached on for me to make real sense of. I really enjoy this method of Bible study.”
  • “I told one of the stories today in an email to a friend!”
  • “I really think it helped to open our eyes to see there are many different ways to worship.”

Please try out the Boundless Jesus Bible Study with your group, and let me know what you think. To get started, download the Facilitator’s Guide.

Audio-Visual Resources

The Boundless Jesus Bible Study provides groups an opportunity to try out some of the cultural practices I encountered on my travels, some of which I described in Boundless. In order to enter into these experiences, I have provided the following videos and slideshows. The Facilitator’s Guide explains how you can use each of these resources. I hope you enjoy them.


Session Two: The School of Hindu Studies Video


Session Three: The Agpia Prayer Slideshow

Agpia Prayer Transcript (two-page PDF to print out)


Session Four: Buddhism and Visuals Slideshow

Former-Monk’s Photo (to print out)


Session Five: The Powwow Video