Ruth Srisuan and Bryan Bishop in Thailand

My book Boundless tells the story of a journey of discovery. If you’ve read the book, or are curious about it, I thought you might like to see a few pictures from my travels. The pictures show visually what I’ve tried to explain in words, that faith in Jesus can
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Bryan (right) with two of the people at the St Paul's luncheon

I’ve recently returned from England where I stumbled upon a great example of Muslim-Christian partnership at work. As I mentioned in Boundless, I believe that if believers in Jesus genuinely desire to learn from the cultures around them, they will discover ways to team up with people of other faiths.
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Four Words to Blog By: Love, Humility, Truth, Obedience

As I write this first blog post, I thought I’d let you in on the spiritual wrestling I went through before starting, and the guiding words that came to me. I wondered, how do I express myself, how do I put myself out there in today’s social media universe, without selling
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